Maitri Health launches Canadian-made PPE and healthcare supply platform to keep people safe and organizations running

Maitri presents alternative to flawed global supply chain, creating dependable, stable system of quality products and services to guard against COVID-19
StatsCan survey finds more than 2/3 of Canadian businesses require protective equipment  to continue operations uninterrupted
VANCOUVER, B.C., Sept. 1, 2020 – Maitri Health today announced the launch of a reliable, stable supply system of Canadian-manufactured personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet the intensifying demands of Canadian and international markets.

Maitri will deliver a comprehensive suite of PPE products – including certified masks, face shields, anti-viral cleaning solutions and disinfectants – along with best in class test kits and innovative technology solutions.

Maitri is led by industry professionals in healthcare, global supply chain and technology. Its unique business model offers an advanced, multi-faceted platform of products and services to keep people safe and economies running. Designed with dependability and certainty, Maitri’s system provides peace of mind and confidence to countries and organizations scrambling to find, secure and actually receive delivery of valuable PPE.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed fundamental flaws in the global supply chain,” said Andrew Morton, CEO, Maitri Health. “For organizations lucky enough to find masks and other PPE early on, it was often from suppliers with no healthcare experience and questionable products. The situation was made worse by the layers of importers and brokers.”

Demand for domestic source of PPE

Since the pandemic began, Canadian politicians, business and healthcare leaders have pleaded for a domestic alternative to the often substandard quality, unpredictable delivery and inflated costs of PPE that was sourced offshore.

“Canadians prefer Canadian-made products. They trust Canadian-made products. They trust our national supply chain,” said Morton. “At the same time, the rest of the world also trusts the integrity of Canadian businesses and manufactured products.”

“Maitri is carefully vetting partners and establishing an infrastructure that will scale internationally. We’re tapping Canadian small businesses and entrepreneurs and harnessing their ingenuity, capability and capacity. By enabling them to join our platform, we’re helping expand their markets, create jobs and grow the Canadian economy.”

Global vision

Maitri’s vision is to export this model internationally, by licensing or building domestic manufacturing and supply logistics throughout the Americas and across the globe.

“This model allows us to invest in domestic job creation, and create the same stable, reliable stream of fairly priced products and services for those markets, like we’re doing in Canada,” said Morton.

Keeping economies and businesses operating safely

The need for reliable suppliers is stark. According to an August survey by Statistics Canada, more than two thirds of Canadian businesses (69 per cent) said they require PPE to operate safely. In some key industries, the demand is even higher – with four out of five businesses in the accommodation and food services, private health care and social assistance, retail trade, and construction industries indicated they require PPE to operate safely now and in the future.

Prior to the worldwide pandemic, the global demand for PPE of all types was US$56B (source: Grand View Research). That figure is expected to increase exponentially.

“We intend to grow our trusted stable of manufacturers, technology innovators and logistics and distribution partners, and ensure we can scale to support Canadian and global demands,” said Morton. “Ultimately, we want to offer a worry-free alternative to replace the shadowy and costly dark markets of PPE procurement with our operational and financial transparency and supply certainty.”

“People deserve the right to live and work safely and without fear.”

About Maitri Health

Maitri Health is a global platform for healthcare supply security. Our vision is to enhance quality of life with reliable, quality healthcare solutions, from PPE to testing to innovative technology. Our onshore manufacturing and supply chain system helps keep economies running and supports a stronger, safer society. For more information:

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